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An art-house haunted house.

I experienced Sleep No More cold. You should too. So if you think you’ll ever have the (off) chance of catching this monumental New York City production, you should stop reading after the first few paragraphs. You can also expect a few minor spoilers for Mulholland Dr. and Vertigo.

You enter the McKittrick Hotel, feel your way through a series of ink-black hallways, and — if you’re like me — ask yourself something of a philistine question: “Umm, where’s the stage?”

Welcome to Sleep No More. For the next three hours, this “play” will dismantle and reinvent the theater-going experience. It’ll do so through a panoramic assault of cinematic allusions and formal trickery. There is no stage. There is, though, a sprawling, six-story hotel, replete with mysteries, oddities, and the inescapable sounds of Bernard Herrmann. You’ll wander the immersive world, catch the occasional narrative scrap, soak in the ornate set design. This is a play sixth, a video game fifth, a role-playing fantasy fourth, a film-nerd fest third, a choose-your-own-adventure book second, and a haunted house first. I’ll consider myself lucky if I ever see a slice of stunt theater more impressive than Sleep No More. (more…)


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