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I recently spent a week in Iceland with two of my closest friends. We took more than 3,000 pictures as we toured Reykjavik, the Golden Circle, the South Coast, and the Westman Island of Heimaey. I edited the following music video as a tribute to Iceland — its natural wonders, its impossibly friendly people, its over-the-top nightlife. The video is set to “Untitled 3” by Sigur Ros, a band that first sparked my fascination with Iceland more than 10 years ago. My hope is the video transcends being a mere memory trigger for myself and serves as a snapshot of the country’s raw beauty and idiosyncratic charms. I suggest watching in HD, given the high quality of the photos used in the video. Thanks for watching!

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Thanks to Apple, a couple researchers, and this application.

My life on the East Coast (since June 2010)

My life in the Midwest (since June 2010)

Pretty weird. Pretty pretty.

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The birthers are back. Or were they ever really gone? Regardless, I’d like to share a video I helped make in 2009, when the birthers were an easy-to-mock fringe group. I wonder: When will this phenomenon stop being funny and start being really, really scary?

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