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I’ve had two more work-related pieces published in the last week. The first is a column on sequestration and its effects on supportive housing programs. The piece appears in PolicyMic. You can read it here.

The second story concerns the United to End Homelessness program, which I wrote about in April. The story is a straightforward call-to-action for those interested in shedding light on homelessness during New York’s 2013 mayoral race. You can read it over at My New York Legal Help.

Expect a return to more film-centric posts soon as I hope to review Stories We Tell and Before Midnight this month.

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Rev. Calvin O. Butts at the official United to End Homelessness launch event on April 9. Photo courtesy of Thomas Donley Photography.

Rev. Calvin O. Butts at the official launch event for United to End Homelessness on April 9. Photo courtesy of Thomas Donley Photography.

I’ve spent much of the last two months working to promote a new homelessness campaign in New York City. Regular readers of Print the Legend may notice that I don’t post much about work matters on this blog. I’m making an exception for United to End Homelessness, a grassroots project to shed light on New York City’s homelessness crisis during the 2013 mayoral election. The campaign held its formal launch earlier this month on the steps of New York City Hall. To contribute to this brand-new coalition, I produced the website endhomelessnessnyc.org and the promo video below. I also wrote a piece about my involvement with the campaign, which ran in the New York Writers Coalition’s Narrator blog and PolicyMic. Follow those links and watch the video to learn more.


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