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Has there ever been a medium so antithetical to intimacy as electronic mail? I spend a pathetic amount of my weekdays pondering my inbox: writing, responding, deleting. It turns me into a robot of sorts. I wrote a humor piece of sorts about the dehumanizing qualities of email.┬áIt’s a series of one-sided emails from Chad, a hopelessly thirsty white collar lifer. You can read “Romance via Email” at Medium here.

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Ahead of Incredibles 2, I wrote a quick thing about how Pixar’s films have turned into $200 million machines to make you cry. You can read my lament (“Pixar, I’m Tired of Crying”) in full at Medium.

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To mark the end of the academic calendar year, I gifted myself a trip to the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), the largest film festival in America. All told I saw 14 feature films, with an emphasis on films from Middle Eastern directors. You can find my festival overview at Filmmaker Magazine here.

Up top you’ll find a picture of the supremely bizarre Lenin statue referenced in my article.

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