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For the second year in a row I helped manage Filmmaker Magazine‘s extensive web coverage of the Sundance Film Festival remotely from New York. Click the links to learn more:

Short interview with Alex Ross Perry on Golden Exits, his follow-up to the (beloved by me) Queen of Earth.

Short interview with Gillian Robespierre on Landline, the writer director’s follow-up to Obvious Child.

Short interview with writer/director Matt Ruskin on Crown Heights, which won the Audience Award in the U.S. dramatic competition.

Interviews with editors and DPs on Sundance films. I wrote the intro paragraphs to dozens of these pieces, which you can find collected here.

Lastly, I collected and collated dozens of “Sundance Response” pieces, all of which you’ll find here.

Like last year, I look forward to actually seeing these films.

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I revisited Groundhog Day after many years over Thanksgiving. I landed on it flipping through channels amid the family. Soon we all sat transfixed. We all laughed, but inside I felt something stir. What a profoundly destabilizing film. There I was, day-drinking a beer with the fam, suddenly forced to reassess how I live my life. In between laughs I felt my stomach sink.

I find striking similarities between Groundhog Day and Paterson, the new film from Jim Jarmusch. Over at Filmmaker, I write about how the films play off one another and what they say about the act of everyday living. They are both essential works I plan to revisit regularly, like scripture. You can find my piece on the two films here.

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