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Top 10 Films of 2014


List-making season: That time of year I pretend to hate but secretly love. As of writing, I’ve seen 35 films released in 2014. You’ll find my 10 favorites below along with an as-yet-undistributed pick from the festival circuit. A number of themes emerge from this year’s crop: dark comedy, subversive genre movies, Tilda Swinton. As always, feel free to mock me in the comments or hate-share this post as an example of what bad taste looks like. Follow these links to see my top-10 lists from 2013, 20122011, and 2010.

Honorable Mention: Ne Me Quitte Pas


Of the films I caught during the 2014 New York and Tribeca Film Festivals that remain unreleased, my favorite was Ne Me Quitte Pas. This tragicomic documentary charts the friendship of Marcel and Bob, two ungovernable alcoholics living in rural Belgium. As an intimate portrait of two outcasts in toxic codependence, the film plays like a masculine Grey Gardens, dark humor and all. Directors Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels Van Koevorden capture the beauty and queasiness of this friendship with almost uncomfortable immediacy. We see the men drunkenly stumble into the directors’ cameras and drive drunk into the night. It’s a rather raw look at addiction blanketed by a much cheerier story of a friendship held together (and torn apart) by whiskey and beer. Depending on your experiences with alcoholism, you’ll find the material either cruelly funny, humane, in poor taste, or, as I did, all of the above. (more…)

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