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Elliott Smith fans marked a grim anniversary this week. For us, Monday, October 21, 2013 represented the ten-year mark since Elliott’s death at the age of 34.

Elliott has remained my favorite musician since I was junior in high school. Despite my 12-plus years of obsessive fandom, I have never written critically about his music. Friends had urged me in the past to write about posthumous releases like New Moon and From a Basement on the Hill. But I could never bring myself to do it. I felt genuinely unable to assess his music on anything other than a gut, emotional level. For the ten year anniversary, I figured I’d finally give it a try.

Head over to Consequence of Sound to read my piece on the 10 most essential Elliott Smith songs. This was a tough piece to write, both for the emotions involved and for the simple act of selecting my 10 favorite Elliott tracks. Many songs just narrowly missed the cut here. Among them are “Angeles,” Angel in the Snow,” “Condor Ave,” “Last Call,” and “2:45am.”

No “top 10” list can encapsulate Elliott Smith. My simple hope for this post was to celebrate the man and introduce more casual listeners to his music. I tried to cover his entire career — the Heatmiser days, the early home recordings, the big studio sound, the late-era experiments, and the b-sides. I hope you enjoy this humble tribute.

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