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After a brief detour to recognize the best films of 2011, we now return to our scene-for-scene analysis of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. For optimal results, read parts I, II, III, and IV on this blog.

It appears my labor of love has spilled into 2012.¬†When we last left our anti-hero, things weren’t exactly breaking his way. He had lost the sole witness in a homicide investigation and become the subject of a police investigation himself (he did, after all, cut an elderly woman’s oxygen supply and call her a “selfish cunt”).

The man, Nicolas Cage, also has a gambling problem, which the film reminds us in the first scene of this installment.

The sequence begins, like so many shots in Bad Lieutenant, with an elegant , unflashy long take. Werner Herzog opens the scene with Cage barreling down a hallway at a police office in New Orleans.

Herzog’s camera follows Cage into his office. Cage, armed with his newfound accent, spots a prostitute and complains about the number of them he saw on his way to work. “Clean it up,” he tells one of his minions. (more…)

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